Metaspace is revolutionizing virtual events by face-to-face communication as an alternative to real-life experience. 

Bring Your Events Into the Virtual World!


Metaspace is a virtual meeting website in custom 3D designed spaces with private profiles and digital interaction tools. Made for social communication and interactive experiences to create an alternative space for your events and gatherings. It’s a playground that you can design experiences without physical world limitations. Expand the minds with the digital world's instruments and unite the world in a new parallel universe. 

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Metaspace is for:


Host your group meetings as if you are in the same space. Develop engaging sessions.


Make your visitors interact with each other and the art pieces. Present your creations in a digital museum or gallery.


Create your own concert venue without space and audience limitations.


Build your own festival space with multiple stages, installations and conferences. 


Find your most qualified leads and generate buzz by showcasing your products virtually.

product launch.

Present your new product with style by hosting a smashing virtual launch event.

connecting creativity.

We are creating a new experience world, where only our creativity is the limit, the sky is not a limit but a playground where we can meet.

Space Design

Interaction Design

Communication Design

uniting interactively.

With the tools of metaspace, we can interact in events, gatherings, or spaces with other guests around us. Because of a personalized audiovisual experience each user will have their unique special moments, as an individual and as a group.

Unique Avatar Designs

Face-to-face Communication

Personal Audio/Visual Experience

Interactive installations/Games

Social Interaction

Each of your guests is a part of the show and a creator of the overall experience.

experiencing together.

Experience Design

Integration with Popilight

Integration with MetaTools

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SIMULAKRA / Art Gathering on the Open Network

"Simulakra" is the cyber meeting of the artists who reconstructs the metacodes derived from biological and cognitive evolution processes of mother nature to speculative forms, sounds and stories in the virtual world. It was designed in Metaspace as a digital art event.

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