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DEN Apperal

High Quality. Sustainable. Beautiful.

Den Apperal specializes in high-quality garments for women, men, and children. Studio Karun created a fresh visual brand identity that reflects their values and allows their customers to easily recognize their company. 

Branding Strategy • Digital Product Design

Industrial Designer Association of Turkey / ENTA

Redefining Purpose, Vision,

and Strategy

ENTA is a non-profit industrial design association that aims to strengthen the profession as a whole and contributes to the impact of design within business, culture and society. Studio Karun helped ENTA to identify their core values, vision and mission statements through co-design sessions. Based on the redefined values, Studio Karun designed new branding and built a more informative, simplified website.

Organizational Design • Branding • Digital Product Design


Arch+Dsgn Summit

Interdisciplinary Interaction in the Architectural Design Process

Arch+Dsgn Istanbul 2017 was organized by the Architectural Event Center and Studio Karun. The event brought together architects, interior designers, designers, and other creative industry professionals. In the context of the architecture profession's functional and aesthetic features, the Summit presented programs to strengthen relations with many disciplines, including industrial design, engineering, fine arts, philosophy, and sociology. 

Strategy • Experience Design 


Hamm Turkish Experience

Hamm has the opportunity to emphasize its rich heritage and modern, lively, and entrepreneurial structure in a cosmopolitan city like New York.


Studio Karun helped Hamm develop a business strategy and an experience design to allow users to experience the culture and the story through Hamm’s products.

Strategy • Experience Design 

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Mixer Art Gallery


Effects of gentrification problem are not replaceable, and lead to chaos. Displacement refers not only to the translocated individuals, but also to the displacement of history, culture and social capital. Transformation, which often seems as a landscape, opposes the elements of time and depth through augmented reality.

Balkan Karisman

Art, Concept & Creative Direction • Motion Graphics 


Best Delivery, Price and Standard

DPS specializes in quality equipment and services to OEMs and final users operating in the heavy industry while competing with Asian and East European suppliers regarding price and lead time. Studio Karun created a fresh visual brand identity that reflects their values and allows their customers to recognize their company efficiently. 

Branding Strategy • Digital Product Design